Saturday, 22 December 2018

22nd December - Hut 362

It was a beautiful night tonight in a number of different ways.  The weather was mild, calm and still; there was an enormous full moon hanging low over the horizon; and hut 362 offered all sorts of interest and enquiry.

Laura was the artist tonight and she devised a trail of questions and clues to help people find the star.  These were placed around the promenade in front of the hut and were bathed in glorious moonlight.

The evening was supported by a good crowd from Bishop Hannington church in Hove who were keen to engage with the trail.

The pilgrimage led eventually to the hut where there was a message about the wise men and a little souvenir to take away.

Both the hut and the souvenir carried the same message - 'Wise men followed the star so we can follow the Son'.

We have almost reached the end of our Advent journey and eleven years of an incredibly varied and creative community art event.

Tomorrow we move just a few huts West to number 367 before our final hut on Christmas Eve.

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