Wednesday, 6 December 2017

6th December - Hut 227

The hut tonight was not only themed on the nativity but was also an hommage to the Austrian born artist Friedensrich Hundertwasser.  

The children of St. Bartholomews school in Brighton have been doing a project on his work and used his unique artistic style to create a nativity scene with a difference.

Hundertwasser was also an architect and an environmental campaigner and a strong opponent of straight lines, so his art consists of spirals and curves arranged in patterns of very strong colours.  His house in Vienna is famous as it is painted in this style and may have been an inspiration for the hut this evening.

The children had re-imagined the traditional nativity characters of Joseph, Mary and the baby in the manger, as Hundertwasser might have painted them.

These were beautifully rendered in bold patterns and colours which stood out in the darkness.

Even the star that hung above the stable scene was painted with spirals and patterns as well as being surrounded with lights.

Our next hut will also feature artwork by children and is number 177.