Thursday, 20 December 2012

Beach Hut 20

We were In the Bleak Midwinter tonight, although fortunately the weather wasn't quite so bleak as last night.  There was a strong Westerly wind (opposite to last night) to contend with and crashing waves on the beach which was at high tide as we started our beach hut vigil, but the rain stayed away which always makes things a little easier.

Hut 341 has become a tradition in our annual advent calendar as it always features a tissue paper collage which is lit from behind to illuminate the night.  

This evening the midwinter scene depicted various aspects of a woodland winter, with a little forest hut, reindeer and a collection of assorted animals and trees.  

All of these were beautifully backlit in a darkened hut so as to emphasise the strands of colour which made up the backgrounds.

The next hut is right in the middle of the seafront, close to The View and is number 225.