Saturday, 16 December 2017

16th December - Hut 424

Tonight was all about dressing up.  We had not one, but two huts open, one which was the main venue (hut 424) and another hut 10 metres away (422) that was the dressing room.

The artist for tonight had created a whole wardrobe of Magi costumes for a variety of sizes and shapes and anyone who came along was invited to dress up as a king and pose in hut424 for a photograph. 


The experience was enhanced by Humphrey the camel who was mostly  resident in the hut and very happy to pose for a selfie with anyone who came long.

Lots of people took part and were happy to put on a costume because they were so beautifully made.

Various tableaux appeared throughout the evening, each giving a unique perspective on the concept of incarnation - God becoming  human being and living the same sort of life that we all live.

When we put ourselves into the eternal stories we are able to discover more about  our own connection with the divine.

Being in the stable also helps us to empathise with those who have very little and may be giving birth in stable themselves this very night.
The next hut features contemporary dancers and is number 437.