Wednesday, 10 December 2014


There was lots going on at hut 44 tonight with a distinctive Sussex theme to everything.

The carol was The Sussex Carol which is all about the good news that the angels brought of the birth of Jesus as redeemer and king.

Mandy was the artist who created this hut and she took the news theme to heart with a backdrop in the style of a red top newspaper entitled 'The Son'.  The main story of the day was the text of the Sussex carol.

On each of the doors of the hut was a crafty (in the sense of being a craft activity) interactive news feed made from small sheets of material on which people had written their good news stories from this past year.

Outside the hut was a news desk with blank sheets of cloth and people attending the hut were asked to write a few words about a good news story from their year and this was added to the news feed on the doors.

The hut was also visited by Cuckoo's Nest - the Brighton womens Morris dancing troupe who performed half a dozen dances as the wind whisked along Hove seafront, carrying the music from their accordion player down towards the two piers.

The next hut is back towards the lagoon and is number 332.