Thursday, 14 December 2017

14th December - Hut 262

It was bitterly cold on the seafront today, mainly because of a cold breeze that blew continually from the West.
This was fortunate as the hut was decorated with a pair of handmade feathered angel wings and lots of smaller paper sets of wings which all fluttered in the breeze making the hut look as though it was alive.

On the doors of the hut was a unique advent calendar with rolled up paper doors which also fluttered in the breeze.  Behind each door was a word - these were angel blessings.

Faith, Hope, Love, Creativity were just some of the blessings bestowed on those who lifted up the numbered flap to reveal the blessing underneath.

The exception was the 24th date as this was blank so that we could make up our own advent blessing.

The next hut is very close to tonights as it is number 264.  This is a change to the number printed on our flyers and previously advertised as 324.  It's a blessing that this is just 100m along the seafront and we will signpost it tomorrow.