Sunday, 4 December 2016

4th December - Hut 253

Hut 253 brought a modern twist to the angel theme that we've set for the Advent Calendar this year.  

The hut was turned into a disco for the evening with a constant playlist of angel themed pop songs, including Robbie Williams and Annie Lennox.

The club had it's own VIP area that was roped off from the hut itself which was set aside as a beach front dance floor.  Security was provided by staff from Angels Inc. including the Archangel Michael himself who was on duty all night.

Dancing wasn't the only activity for those inside the hut.  Looking down on the dance floor was an angel who had shed her feathers into a bowl that sat in front of her with some instructions.

These read: Take a feather and name your angel, hold them tight to think about your special angel.

During the evening people took paper angels and wrote names on them and added them to the crowd watching the beach hut dance floor.

This hut reminded us that we can be entertaining angels unawares, especially in the strangers that we meet as part of our daily lives.  

One of the joys of the Beach Hut Advent Calendar is the opportunity to meet new people, make new friends and discover the angelic qualities of those around us.

The next hut is 305, just a little further to the west than the angel disco of tonight.