Sunday, 11 December 2011

Beach Hut 11

Tonight was quite different from our other nights as it not only featured a decorated hut but also a series of performances by local poets. Tamsin Williams organised everything and arranged for hut 168 to be a reflection of a very naturalistic stable. Decorated with natural materials which could have been sourced from the countryside around the hut had a very rustic look with natural flowers, berries and lots of ivy.

Tamsin's local poets group had been working on material specifically for this event and they gathered inside the hut to perform these for everyone.

A lot of people wanted to see and hear the performances and they crowded in to the hut as the poems were recited.

Everything went brilliantly until about 6.20 when unfortunately the heavens opened and it not only poured with rain but was also extremely cold and windy. That dispersed the crowd pretty quickly and brought a premature end to a very interesting night.

The next hut is number 381 and is being done by the 1st Hove Girls Brigade who will also be singing some carols.