Thursday, 4 December 2014


The focus tonight was not exclusively on hut 247a as David and Charlotte had decided to treat us all to a variety of performances.

The hut itself was very simply decorated with a flame motif - candles in jars, paper cutout flames on the walls, candles on the floor and twinkly stars surrounding an old mirror.

The focus on light was to remind ourselves that Advent is a season of light in the darkness and that this theme is also true of a lot of religions who have light festivals around this time of year.

It was also to highlight the skills of David and Charlotte who are both circus performers with particular skills in juggling and performing with fire.

The natural light of flames was in direct contrast with the LED light incorporated into some of the other equipment that the two performers demonstrated.  These included LED lit hula hoops and poys.

Taking photographs produced some really lovely images which brought out the divine in the performers and made them look like angels.

Our next hut is number 376 which is very close to Hove Lagoon and the evening is being masterminded by Deepdene school using 'Silent Night' as their theme carol.