Monday, 4 December 2017

4th December - Hut 225

Tonight hut 225 contained the nativity in black and white.  The hut was filled with a simple silhouette of the well known Christmas scene featuring Mary and Joseph sat in the stable with the star shining brightly above them.

All the imagery was made from simple black paper cutouts, attached to a large white cloth and suspended between the doors of the hut.

The starkness of the black and white stood out in the darkness of the night but there was warmth and colour added to the evening  by a band of singers and musicians.  

This merry band kept up a constant chorus of carols and handed out carol sheets for everyone to join in.  They had special guest performances from some of the children and we also had a flautist and guitarist performing Christmas songs.

Our next hut is number 94 by Hove Lawns and will feature work by a team from Chichester Cathedral including a professional artist.