Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Beach Hut 196

The beach hut display tonight needed protection from the wind by a couple windbreaks.  The wind has been consistently strong since day one and can cause a bit of a problem if the display involves anything flimsy or lightweight.

Tonights hut had the potential for wind damage as it was a dozen cardboard 'scenes' all rendered in paper and card (although it could have turned into a soggy mess if it ha been raining!).

The boxes depicted all the verses of the song The Twelve Days of Christmas.  The children of Elmgrove school had worked their artistic skills on each box to give us a vision of that verse using a variety of different techniques and styles.

There was a partridge in a pear tree, doves, swans, Lords a-leaping and many more, all created in beautiful detail.

The twelve days of Christmas is the season following on from the day itself and was the main festival for celebrating the birth of Jesus at this time.  Christmas used to be celebrated with a twelve day festival of rejoicing and celebration running from the 25th December until 6th January.

These days the celebration of Christmas mostly takes place in the days and weeks running up to the day itself and we don't do much celebrating afterwards.

You can see some of the illustrations of the verses here.

Our next hut is back up by the lagoon at number 367.