Friday, 15 December 2017

15th December - Hut 264 (Not 324)

The hut tonight was a little more challenging to find than normal as we discovered yesterday that the number we'd been advertising was wrong.  Luckily most people seem to be using the guiding star to find the right location once we hoist it up every night and we were only 100m to the East of the advertised hut anyway.

The Advent pilgrims who made their way to hut 264 were presented with another take on the Knitivity idea first seen on 3rd December courtesy of the Brighton District Mother's Union.

This was quite different as the figures were bigger and the focus was on the stable scene rather than the host of heavenly angels as in the previous hut.

Also all these figures were made by the artist herself, Helen Rawlings of the Church of the Good Shepherd on Dyke road.

Each character in the scene had their own personality, including the angel that hung above everything.  

The characters included the wise men and their camel, the shepherds and their sheep and the Holy Family themselves who stood by an empty manger as Jesus is not born until Christmas Day.  

Tomorrow we're back to the hut numbers as advertised and will be at number 424 beside Hove Lagoon.