Wednesday, 20 December 2017

20th December - Hut 189

Hut 189 became a gallery tonight with an artwork, presented in the the same way that so many pieces of art are shown - on an artist's easel.  Simply mounted in the centre of the hut, the picture of the Madonna and child shone out in the darkness bringing light and colour to the Hove seafront.

From a distance the picture looked like a finely painted image but close up it became clear that this was a collage, skilfully created by artist Sarah Watson using torn up magazines as her medium.

The overall image was created by carefully choosing and applying fragments of coloured paper from different magazine photographs.  

In some cases bits of the original imagery could be seen and these helped to add detail  and texture to the final artwork.

Mary carefully cradled the infant Jesus onlooking intently into his face looking as though she was making a soothing sound to help him sleep or maybe singing a lullaby.

Jesus was clearly asleep, oblivious to his surroundings and at peace in his mother's arms.

Around the base of the installation were small twinkling stars, glowing brightly against the blue base swathed across the floor of the hut.  These reminded us of the halo of stars that often accompany images of the Madonna.

The installation included a celebratory soundtrack courtesy of hut owners Michelle and Eddie.

Our next hut is number 341