Sunday, 13 December 2015

Beach Hut 341

The Angel Gabriel visited hut 341 tonight.

Carrie Rawle regularly takes part in the beach hut advent calendar and has her own unique style which involves creating a 'stained glass window' using tissue paper and collage.  This creates a beautifully colourful image which is lit from behind and fills the whole hut.

Other visitors to the hut tonight included the Steiner community choir who sang some carols for the large number of people who came down.  

Tonight was very busy partly because the weather was once more nice a calm and fairly warm but also because we were featured this morning on the Sunday programme on Radio 4.  You can listen to the show here for the next 7 days if you live in the UK.

The next hut is number 177 and it will feature a live band performing an acoustic set.