Sunday, 2 December 2012

Beach Hut 2

Tonight was a beautiful, still, clear cold night which matched the theme carol for the evening which was See Amid the Winter Snow (although without the snow - maybe that'll come later in the month!).  

Alex and Mel's hut was a calm, serene vision in white, with patterned snowflakes hanging from the ceiling and lots of winter bits and pieces to remind us of what may be yet to come before we get to Christmas.

For the second night running we ran out of mulled wine and mince pies because so many people turned up, our apologies to all those who missed out.  It's great that the event has become so popular but at this rate we're going to have to start producing industrial quantities of everything to keep up with demand each night!

Halfway through the evening an impromptu choir started up, singing along to the recorded music that was playing in the background.

The simplicity of this hut was a lovely contrast to the exuberance of the first night, both of these showing qualities which are part of the Christmas story.  The story of the baby born in the simple stable with nothing and nowhere to live, and the exuberance of the choirs of angels celebrating the opportunity for peace on earth that this represents.

There was a real sense of peace on the seafront tonight.

The next hut is the furthest west that we go as it's right beside Hove Lagoon at hut number 449.