Thursday, 29 January 2009


Our first event of 2009 started with everyone in the theatre being given a gift which then got used at some point later in the evening. We started by looking back to Christmas and in particular the visit of the wise men and the gifts that they brought. Their gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh were symbols that had some significant meaning in Jesus' life and we were reminded that every gift is symbolic of something, from the bottle of champagne given to celebrate an achievement through to the pair of socks that says something quite different about the attitude of the giver.

We also considered the other meaning of the word gift relating to talents or skills. Everyone got the chance to do a personality survey to give them an objective idea of the things that they were good at which then led into writing a personal gift statement. You can try one of these tests online here Personality Test and look at the different personality types here Personality Types

This was an attempt by each person to write an honest appraisal of the personal gifts they exhibit in life. From there we all wrote late New Years resolutions, a reminder to us that to get the best out of life and truly live as the people that God intended us to be then we have to exercise those gifts to the best of our ability.

Finally we were asked to consider Jesus - God's gift to us that we might be whole. Everyone left with at least one gift, the most popular being a selection of gold pebbles with words on them expressing some of the most precious gifts of all such as love, joy and peace.