Thursday, 11 December 2014


It's still blowy on the seafront (although not as windy as the folks in the North of the country are enduring at the moment) and that gave a certain freshness to our Advent celebration tonight.

There were stars galore this evening as the theme for the night was the Star Carol by John Rutter. You can listen to a version of that here.

There were plenty of stars in Cathy's hut, including a starfish on top of the tiny Christmas tree and various star ornaments and patterns carefully placed around the hut.

The other stars were the amazing singers of the Dawn Chorus who turned up en masse to sing a number of beautiful acapella songs of the festive season.

The Dawn Chorus meets in St. Luke's church, Prestonville every Friday from 9.30am - 11am as well as in Shoreham on Thursdays and is a fantastic community singing group.  Their website is

The next hut is number 194 and focusses on one of the most iconic Christmas carols in existence - Away in a Manger - this is probably the most well known carol ever which lends itself perfectly to the beach hut setting.