Friday, 14 March 2014

Lent Reflection

For Lent this year we are running a series of discussions in The Good Companions Pub near Seven Dials using talks recorded at the Christianity 21 conference in Denver in January.  You can find details of the next talk, location of the pub etc. here.

We also wanted to do something artistic for Lent that would reach a wide audience in the spirit of previous Lent installations such as the Lent Cross, Silent Meditation and Easter Path.

As Lent is meant to be a time of reflection and self-examination we thought it would be nice to create a mirror to go into a public space which would encourage people to stop for a few moments and consider themselves and their lives during this season of the year.

So Kirsty Tyler has created a wonderful mirror which we've been able to install in the office window of 1 Jubilee Street in the heart of Brighton just across from the central library.  This is right next to the busiest cash machine in the city where there is often a queue of people who will have ample opportunity to contemplate themselves as they pass the time waiting in line.

The mirror informs people that we are in the season of Lent, which is a time for examination and self-reflection.  Take a moment to look at yourself and think about your life.  What is important to you?  Who is important to you?  What could you do better?  How could you be better?  Make a resolution for good this Lent.

We're also encouraging people to tweet their thoughts on this to @beyondchurch

Our thanks go to Steve Kirkham of Spofforths accountants for persuading the other tenants and the landlord to allow us to put this in the building.  If you're in central Brighton between now and Easter drop by and spend a few moments in contemplation in the city. 

This is also now featured on the Huffington Post religion section under the title "Giving up God for Lent" Clearly some people think that's a good idea if you look at the comments on that article. 

We also found the following quote tacked to the window beside the mirror: "'There is not enough love and goodness in the world to permit giving any of it away to imaginary beings' Friedrich Nietzsche".