Saturday, 28 February 2009


At the end of a beautiful day on 22nd February we convened at the Old Market to consider the age old problem of beauty - what is it, how do you define it, why is it so important to us and how is it that I am not it!

The format for the evening was very different to anything else we've run and was like an exhibition with short talks rather than a directed series of activities. From the beginning people were asked to look at a host of images on display all pver the room and write their thoughts or reactions to these images on a post-it note and stick it to the picture.

We were also lucky enough to have some experts to talk to us about their view of beauty in relation to a number of different topics.

Karen spoke to us about personal beauty and the importance this plays as part of our whole view of ourselves, Stuart took us through one of his favourite pieces of music, Samuel Barber's adagio for strings, and explained why it was so moving for him. Danny talked to us about what he found beautiful in a painting by Hans Feibusch called 1939, and David showed us what beauty is architecture consisted of. Finally Martin spoke about the story of the woman who washes Jesus feet with her hair and anoints him with perfume - an act described by Jesus as beautiful.

Finally we came to rest on the image of Jesus on the cross - the most beautiful act for mankind whilst simultaneously being the most hideous event.

The Easter Path is now set up and will run throughout Lent - look at the website ( for more details.