Thursday, 11 December 2008

Beach Hut 11

We got two themes for the price of one tonight at Beach Hut 425, right up by the lagoon and the furthest west we've been so far with the calendar.

Not only were we meeting at a beach hut by the sea but we were presented with a tableau of beach huts by the sea as the theme for the night was the carol I Saw Three Ships. Christine had used a photograph she had taken of the beach huts as her inspiration to paint a wonderful backdrop of our seafront.

In front of the beach scene were suspended three ships and a host of angels praising God in the beautiful Hove sky. The lead ship had Mary and her child riding in it while all the ships had a little Christmas tree on their mast which apparently is a tradition for sailors at Christmas all over the world.

Local landmarks such as the Big Fish cafe featured in the scene although we had some discussion about which direction the Bethlehem signpost should point as there was a little disagreement about whether Israel was to the South-West or South-East.

We know that we have to go East from this hut to get to our next one on the list which is number 19a by Hove Lawns.