Tuesday, 18 December 2018

18th December - Hut 82

Yet another stormy night with high winds and pouring rain for the 18th hut of the Advent Calendar.  

God is either reinforcing our decision to make this the last year of this event or is unhappy that we've announced that we're not doing it any more!

We had a distinctly modern take on our Follow the Star theme tonight as Kate and her family created a border check point where the wise men had been stopped as they followed the star from the East.

The second chapter of Matthew tells us about the political situation in Jerusalem when the wise men arrived to ask King Herod where they would find the newborn king signified by the star.

Our modern day wise men travelled in a minivan, instead of on camels, and had star charts and astronomical information to help guide them on their way.

But they were stopped at the check point with some force as border guards shot at their vehicle and erected a stop barrier and barbed wire to block their way.

The hut itself was stark and bare, turned into a guard house complete with check in desk and military insignia.

It even felt as though the weather was helping to reinforce the overall atmosphere of deprivation and difficulty which must have been the experience of all those who were involved in the nativity story.

Tomorrow night we move West to hut 341.