Friday, 7 December 2018

7th December - Hut 191

Hut 191 was ablaze with stars and stables and decorations and lights tonight thanks to Deepdene school.

There were so many lights on the hut that the school had to hire a generator to power them all.

Most of the pupils of the school were involved in one way or another, and the range of creative crafts on show were really impressive.

Some had painted winter scenes on black card or written and decorated Christmas messages in a similar style.

Others had made  harlequin style dancers that cavorted across the ceiling of the hut and looked down on the rest of the decoration.  

Towards the floor of the hut was a series of Jesus triptychs just above some little matchbox nativity scenes, each created by a different child and each with their own little tea light candle.

The floor itself was a carpet of light with a hint of the houses of Bethlehem alongside Christmas style lanterns.

We were treated to carols by the school choir and some fabulous solo performers who managed really well in the cold, strong wind.

Tomorrow we head to Hove Lawns and hut 39.