Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Beach Hut 7

The Christmas story is full of angels cropping up in all kinds of circumstances and tonight was the first time they featured in our story.

Hut 73 was put together by a group of people from All Saints church in Hove with angel wings and angel lights decorating everything. The design stretched out beyond the hut creating a kind of landing pad for any stray angels who hadn't been able to find their way home.

This was the first hut this year to feature singing as members of the church sang carols although we didn't sing Hark the Herald Angels Sing. In between singing the performers warmed themselves up with the mulled wine on offer.

The hut floor was filled with jars of light surrounding a central angel who could have been directing operations. We will hear more about archangels later in the month.

The next hut is at the opposite end of the promenade near the lagoon and is number 403.

Beach Hut 6

Our 6th Beach Hut this year saw the introduction of the first shepherd to our Christmas journey. As it happened, there were in fact multiple shepherds with multiple sheep as visitors were invited to pose for photographs behind the artwork. Flo Pepper from our team designed the interior for tonight, a very apt piece for Brighton seafront. Such was the popularity of the interactive installation, it's only a wonder it has never been done before.

The cold sea air and strong winds were quickly forgotten by the excited children when they realised they could dart behind the screen and command the attention of onlookers as a shepherd. In fact, it wasn't just the children who enjoyed doing this! There was a great turnout, with lots of people queuing up to have their photo taken whilst braving the elements, like the real shepherds all those years ago.
The Christmas carols, mulled wine and mince pies made for the usual happy atmosphere, which was complemented wonderfully by hut owners Maggy Luxford and her husband - a huge thank you to them for the seating and flood lights.

Our next hut will see the first of many angels along the journey, in hut 73.