Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Who Am I?

A beautiful sunny, Sunday evening helped to make the July event truly memorable as we met to picnic and meditate on the Hove Park Fingermaze at the end of July. It was a time to get to know each other a bit better as well as to spend time getting to know ourselves for those who chose to take part in the walking meditation round the ingeniously constructed labyrinth by artist Chris Drury.

People were given 5 coloured labels with questions about different aspects of their identity and invited to leave those parts of their personality at one of 5 'stations' spaced around the labyrinth before coming to the heart of the sculpture where there was a mirror to help us to reflect on who we truly are without all the baggage and labels we normally hide behind.

It was great to see old and young engaging in the evening and we stayed long past our planned hour as the sun set across the maze and the shadows grew longer.

BEYOND won't be meeting in August although some of the team will be at Greenbelt over the August Bank Holiday creating a variation of the Who Am I event.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

We have been busy planning our Autumn schedule and so I'm posting details here while we get the BEYOND website adjusted.

The dates for the Autumn are:

28th September - CLEAN
An examination of baptism, washing, water and God
7pm-8pm Old Market Theatre

26th October - STILL
Amidst our rushed lives, time to be still and know God
7pm-8pm Old Market Theatre

30th November - LIGHT
As winter darkness comes upon us we look at how light inspires us, fills us with hope and points us to God.
7pm-8pm Old Market Theatre

Throughout December

A lifesize variation on the seasonal advent calendar with huts all along the beachfront opening their doors to reveal something new about the festive season.
If you know anyone with a beach hut who might be interested in joining in with this please put them in touch via info@beyondchurch.co.uk