Saturday, 10 December 2016

10th December - Hut 424

Kirsty Tyler created amazing angel wings in hut 424 tonight.  Made entirely from scratch out of an incredible amount of wire, these wings were a labour of love and perseverance as each feather was intricately crafted before eventually becoming a part of the whole.

There were over one hundred feathers in this pair of wings, each one carefully shaped and sized to form the perfect angel wing shape.

Hanging ethereally in space, they had an aura of peace and beauty about them which shone out across the promenade.

The weather was not so peaceful as it was raining when we had the official opening ceremony at 5.30pm and moderately windy.  

The wind made the wings move gently to and fro as though trying to take flight.  This created a sense that angels could be present, playfully making the wings dance in the dark.

Fortunately this all died down after about 20 minutes and the rest of the evening was wet underfoot and a little windy, but slightly more peaceful.

The weather made it necessary for the mulled wine and mince pie distributors to shelter in a neighbouring hut although it didn't seem to deter the visitors as we still had something like one hundred in attendance this evening.

One of the favourite pastimes became standing in front of the wings in order to have your photo taken as an angel.  A number of people did this and it reminded us that there is something angelic in all of us if we choose to allow that to come out.

As each individual stood to have their photo taken, we were reminded of our uniqueness as human beings and our connectedness as we share values and hope for the light together.

Our next hut is right down by Hove Lawns at number 79a.