Sunday, 20 December 2009

Beach Hut 20

Tonights carol was possibly the most appropriate one we've had so far - See Amid the Winter Snow - and those who came down to the beach had to struggle though snow and extreme ice for the pleasure of seeing Karens hut. The ice along the seafront was treacherous as it has been tramped into an icerink like sheen which made it quite dangerous to walk anywhere except along a narrow strip close to the huts which was ice free.

Hut 410 was decked out all in white to match the snow theme and featured a beautiful little nativity scene set inside an enormous ornate lantern. Everything was watched over by a guardian angel looking down from on high.

Thanks to everyone who came out tonight when it was so cold and dangerous, but a special mention must go to the couple who left their grandparents and children having dinner in a restaurant in town, jumped in a taxi to come and see the hut and get their cards stamped and then got back in the same taxi to go back and finish their meal. That's dedication for you!

All along this year has felt like a journey that we are all making together travelling closer and closer to the birth of Christ at Christmas. We hope that the weather warms up enough to encourage some more people to come out on the last few steps of our pilgrimage to Christmas over the remaining few days.

The owner of the next hut has just returned from exhibiting at the Florence biennale and is number 227.