Monday, 5 December 2016

5th December - Hut 305

The display in hut 305 this evening stretched far beyond the hut itself and almost filled the whole promenade.  Not only was the installation expansive but there was a lot to do and see throughout the evening.

The major part of the installation was a very simple spiral labyrinth outlined with evergreen branches and pots filled with sprigs of basil.  Everyone who came was invited to journey into the labyrinth and wind their way to the middle where they would find a young angel waiting to hand them a blessing.  These were written by elderly folk who had been asked what their wish for the world was.

The centre of the labyrinth also contained a simple Christmas tree prayer made from a pallet with the message 'Blessings of candle light and star light be with you'.

More pallets came into play beside the hut itself which asked what angels do in heaven when it is Christmas and reminded us to keep a place ready for them in our homes.

Yesterday we mentioned entertaining strangers unawares and this theme continued today as there was an opportunity to take a grab bag to give to a homeless person at some point.  This contained a hard warmer pack and a list of other items we could put in to make a homeless person Christmas better.

Inside the hut was a little row of very warm, inviting looking houses lined up under a beautiful image of a Christmas tree.

More pallet art reminded us of some key themes of the season - Joy, wisdom, love, hope, peace, believe.

On top of all of this we were treated to a series of dance performances by the young pupils of Hayley of Dancefit as well as the dulcet tones of a choir singing not only some Christmas carols but also their own version of Robbie Williams 'Angel' which was so prominent in hut 253 yesterday.

Our next hut is at the East end of the promenade and is number 73.