Thursday, 10 December 2015

Beach Hut 403

The theme this evening was Good King Wenceslas although there was no snow lying about deep and crisp and even as in fact the weather was quite mild.

Instead hut 403 had a floor covered in silver snow which glittered and glistened in the light.

The snow formed a landscape which swept up to the good king's castle on the hill.

The scenery and the castle itself all sparkled with tiny twinkling Christmas lights.

On the other side of the hut was the peasant hut which the king decided to trudge to with provisions during the cold and snow.

The good king himself was present in the form of a puppet who went around the crowd handing out chocolates and generally bringing good cheer, in much the same way as the king brought hospitality to the poor peasant living under the mountain.  

As the final verse of the song says:
Therefore, Christian men, be sure
Wealth or rank possessing
Ye who now will bless the poor
Shall yourselves find blessing 

The next hut is 332 and will feature the Dawn Chorus choir who will be singing for us.