Tuesday, 22 March 2016

The Second Holy Week Hut

Tonight was a gorgeous, clear sunny evening which almost felt like summer until the sun began to drop towards the horizon and the temperature followed it down.

The theme was burden and the hut was filled with an assortment of baggage collected together by Kirsty Tyler as a representation of all the stuff we carry around with us as we journey through life.  Some people seem to carry everything on their shoulders with the consequential weight this puts on their lives while others seem to be able to manage with hardly anything as they skip along the way.

A number of the suitcases had a luggage tag attached to them with a prayer asking God to help us with our burdens.  We all need help with our burdens from time to time, even Jesus was not able to carry his burdens on his own as he needed assistance from Simon of Cyrene on his journey to Calvary.

Sitting in front of this hut gave us a chance to think about the things that burden us, the things that cause us pain, and Kirsty offered an opportunity to write about those burdens on brown card luggage tags so that we could reflect on them and then dispose of them in the burning fire that was waiting in the brazier in front of the hut.

It was very liberating to be able to discard some of our baggage in this way as we sat and watched the orange sun dip towards the sea and the full moon rose at the other end of the sky.

This isn't always the easiest thing to do which leads us into tomorrows hut which will be about falling and failure.