Tuesday, 12 December 2017

12th December - Hut 11

We all know what a nativity scene looks like - Mary & Joseph with the baby in a manger, surrounded by farmyard animals such as sheep, cows and donkeys.  

Except no animals are mentioned in the Bible narrative of Jesus' birth.  It's assumed that they were there because he was born in a stable and because donkeys were the normal mode of travel and shepherds would most likely have brought sheep or lambs, but none of this is specified in the gospel stories in Luke or Matthew.

Despite that, the focus tonight was on sheep, and one little sheep in particular. Jesus told stories about sheep and shepherds, perhaps because of their visit to him as he lay in the manger?

Hut 11 tonight was based on the parable of the lost sheep in chapter 18 of the gospel of Matthew which reminds us that God always searches for us, no matter how far we go astray.

The nativity tonight also had an interactive element.  Behind the faces of each of the characters of the tableau was a mirror so that as we gazed at the image, we found ourselves transported back to that stable and that scene.

We're now halfway through our Advent Calendar and this is the last hut at the Hove Lawns end of the beach.  Out next hut is number 194.