Friday, 6 December 2013

6th December - Beach Hut 399

The creativity tonight was brought to us by Synergy Creatives headed up by artist and poet Tamsin Williams.  Synergy Creative is a group which is led and run by people with an interest in and experience of mental health care, in particular facilitating creative exchange website  

Their overall themes for the night were Friday, Father and Family and lots of families came down with lots of children who were all running around enjoying the calm night air on the beach, quite a contrast to last night.


The centrepiece of the hut was a nativity set created by the father of one of the participants which came with it's own piece of poetry about the family and its relationship to catholicism.

To create some spoken word pieces to be performed tonight they used a Dadaist creative process.  They  created a pile of words beginning with F and a pile of words about spirituality and the participants had to take a word from each pile and create a poem or spoken word piece using those words.  So for example we had pieces about the Fridge & Mary or Flying Bibles.

The next hut features the artwork of children from Aldrington school and is number 364.