Monday, 12 December 2016

12th December - Hut 227

We had an all singing and dancing hut tonight, or to be more accurate, singing, juggling, reciting and puppeteering hut.

Susi pulled together a group of diverse performers and there was a full programme of presentations that filled the hour.  To help facilitate the sense of creating a show they had erected a gazebo which served as the performance space.

Two angels watched the show from inside the hut, peering out of the darkness which was gently illuminated by their own light.  

The taller of the two angels was modelled on Susi and the face of that angel was a cast of her own face and sported the same hairstyle.

The second angel was created by Janina and had a hint of the virgin Mary about her as she was bathed in blue light.

We had songs performed by Duncan who also played the guitar, poems from Dave and Janina, a shadow puppet show by Karen and when Susi wasn't juggling, she went around with a collection of 'touched by an angel' cards.  

Each of the attendees was encouraged to take a card and found that they had been given a gift such as forgiveness or redemption.

The rain and wind that had seemed so troublesome as we set up, abated once we started and the evening passed quite peacefully.

Our next hut is number 362.