Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Beach Hut 15

In the damp and the dark hut 332 brought a little light into the world tonight. The theme was light and the darkness could not overcome it because every part of the hut was festooned with Christmas lights. Even the miniature Christmas Tree had it's own set of lights twinkling away.

Despite the unexpected drizzle and cold there was something summery about the display - maybe it was the deckchairs, maybe it was the driftwood ornaments, or maybe it was books that local writer Cathy Watts was selling all about the Sandies. All of these things conspired to remind of lighter, sunnier days.

No matter what the weather people still turn up and we now have a regular little band of hardy souls who have got stamps on their cards nearly every night and are determined to try and win that chocolate cake.

Next hut is number 73 and will feature an absolutely heavenly choir.

Beach Hut 14

For the 14th hut opening of the Advent Calendar the themes of Donkey, stable and inn all featured as Sam, Tim and Joel created a wonderful, welcoming hut complete with straw bales, a bar and complimentary brandy macs.

The inn rules were on display on the bar and to help keep out the cold there was a chimnea blazing away and hot roast chestnuts available.

At times The Donkey Inn did have no room as people sat around on the straw bales and enjoyed the warmth and good company. Things were going so well that it looked like it would continue long past the usual 6.30 cut off time.

The next hut is number 332.