Thursday, 8 December 2016

8th December - Hut 403

Hut 403 was turned into a wardrobe for the evening by the children and teenagers of the CAMHS therapeutic art group and Touched Theatre.  The hut was hung with coats and the doors were only half open giving us a little glimpse inside.  

Peering out from between the coats was a puppet boy who was soon joined by a lion and a blonde haired woman.

These were Peter, Aslan and Susan, all characters from the Narnia books. 

The children wrote about their concept for this evening:  the characters are from a different world, just like angels.  They have the power to help people and Aslan protects the world from evil, just like angels.

The puppets had helpers who moved around the crowd giving out gifts of seeds which represent hope, chocolates which bring us joy and light to help us through the dark times.

The puppets had a number of different animators, sometimes adults, sometimes children and brought a very friendly atmosphere to the evening.

Angels are also well known for their singing and the group had written a song which they performed a number of times once they managed to get their backing technology to work!

Those who came along tonight will have no trouble finding our next beach hut as it's right next door at number 402.