Monday, 14 December 2015

Beach Hut 177

We think tonight was a first, we've certainly never had an event like this at the Beach Hut Advent Calendar before.  This was our very first live gig from a beach hut.

Hut 177 is owned by Sam Smith who manages a few bands and she arranged for one of her bands to come and sit in the hut and perform a short acoustic set.

The band were The Fiction Aisle, a Brighton band based near Seven Dials.  You can hear some of their music on their soundcloud page here.

This three-piece have a very animated lead singer which is why he is blurred in every photograph that we took!

We were also lucky enough to have a friend of the band who is a storyteller come and entertain us with a tale about a Christmas turkey.

It was a beautiful peaceful night with hardly any wind and the soft sound of the three guitars and a vocals drifting out of the hut which was set up like a little stage with theatrical curtains pulled back to reveal the performers within.

Our next hut is number 264 which is just to the West of The View and is being created by a Brownie company from the church of the Good Shepherd on Dyke road.