Thursday, 15 December 2016

15th December - Hut 279

The hut tonight was created by the good folk at the Grace Eyre centre which supports adults with learning difficulties.  The centre owns hut number 279 and was keen for the various art groups that run there to use their creative talents to create an art installation.  

There were different types of artwork on show, all of which contributed to a wonderful overall look.  A lot of the contributors had created ceramic art and there was a shelf of abstract figures and shapes at the back of the hut.

These included some pots which were inspired by the idea of angels.

Hanging from the shelf were some angel wings which were also made in a pottery class and which were decorated with rainbow colours.

Directly below these and sat on the floor was quite a large 'animal style' angel which looked as though it was modelled on a meerkat.

All of this was placed in a beautiful emerald green environment and the entrance to the hut had a green runway leading up to it.

This was scattered with pebbles under which we could find postcards about the work of the Grace Eyre Centre.

All of this was dominated by a giant multicoloured mandala which represented the peace of the angels beaming down to the world.

Our next hut will feature the Dawn Chorus community choir and is number 332.