Tuesday, 20 December 2016

20th December - Hut 11

Hut 11 was quite hard to photograph tonight as it was all about darkness and light.  Lucy Lauener was the artist and she had created a video installation which was projected onto the back wall of the hut.

It consisted of film of a sparkler which gradually built to a crescendo with more sparks added as the video progressed.  

The most difficult thing to portray in a blog is the soundtrack which was also a rising crescendo of sparkler noise which grew as the number of sparks grew and then cut to a choir for the finale of the video which was the appearance of a small single flame.

Floating above all this were tiny little floating lights dressed in small bundles of white, like flames afloat in the darkness.  These were also angels, suspended in the heavens as the light sparked all around them.

These tiny angels lined the folded back doors upon which were written angel quotes from the gospel of Luke.

These told us not to be afraid for a Saviour will be born bringing good news of great joy.

This hut was the closest we will get to the centre of Brighton and for the next hut we travel west to number 189.