Friday, 17 December 2010

Beach Hut 16

The heavenly choir came out in full force on Thursday night accompanied by a host of angels in a heavenly light. The people of All Saints Hove put together a fantastic hut with angels from the Christmas tree in church alongside loads of tealights in glass jars and interesting 'candle bags' that lined the way into the hut.

The centrepiece was a beautiful arrangement of angels against a glowing backlit backdrop. The choir from the church came down and entertained us with some carols until the rain started to come down in earnest along with a bitter wind and it was felt that the children should go somewhere warmer.

There were lots of little details to this evenings hut including a pile of pebbles each stamped with a little angel mark to remind people of the message of the angels on Christmas night.

Next hut is our closest one to the centre of Brighton and is number 27.