Friday, 14 December 2018

14th December - Hut 332

The stars of hut 332 on the 14th night of our final Advent Calendar, were the Dawn Chorus, a community choir who came and sang a selection of Christmas sings beautifully on the seafront tonight.

The Dawn Chorus is led by the ever energetic Julie Nye who came tonight dressed in a kind of Christmas/Santa Onesey which helped give her conducting of the choir a pizazz that isn't normally seen at weekly rehearsals!

The choir meets on Friday mornings at St. Luke's Prestonville in Brighton and on Thursday mornings at the West Street Loft in Shoreham.  It's open to anyone who wants to come along whether you're confident, tentative or a non-singer but are just interested in and informal, friendly, fun singing group.

It's just as well that the choir was the star tonight as due to rust and cold we were unable to get the locks of the hut open and so had to improvise a star decoration on the outside of hut 332.

Improvisation is not a bad theme to be reminded of at Advent as Joseph and Mary had to improvise a lots when they found themselves in a strange town about to give birth.

Finding a stable for shelter and a cattle trough as a bed for the baby all show some ingenuity on their part, perhaps a reflection of the creative genius of God.

Tomorrow we're at Hut 424 when one of the Beyond team will be creating the art.