Friday, 23 December 2016

23rd December - Hut 329

We have had a remarkably peaceful Advent when it comes to the weather and have hardly had to mention it in the blog each day.  The exception was today. 

It seems extraordinary that we've been able to get to the 23rd December without a bad weather evening but Storm Barbara put in an appearance tonight.

She brought strong winds with her and combined with a high tide this meant we had a constant spray of water which wasn't quite rain but made for an uncomfortable evening.

But this didn't stop the Zahorchak family from throwing themselves into the spirit of the season.  The children had dressed up as angels and looked adorable sat in their hut although they had to abandon that in favour of more weather friendly gear.

This is known as Nate's hut after Nathan Zahorchak who died unexpectedly in 2014.  The hut is a way for Katie and her children to remember Nate in a positive way and a place of happiness and relaxation for them.

Playing cards in memory of Nate, who was a magician, were hanging as decorations in the hut along with photos of the family that he loved.

There was also a Merry Christmas display and some sets of angel wings fluttering in the wind.

The children weren't the only ones to take up position in the hut as soloist Laura Brookes and her accompaniest came along and sang a number of Christmas carols for the assembled crowd.

Storm Barbara is supposed to blow through overnight and hopefully the weather forecast for Christmas Eve at hut 395 is calm and peaceful.