Sunday, 6 December 2009

Beach Hut 6

Tonight was all about angels and hut 425 had a host of them. The carol was Hark the Herald Angels Sing and if this lot turned up outside your stable and started warbling you'd definitely hear them - there were loads!!

There were also loads of people out tonight, something like 100 people braved the cold night wind under a beautiful clear, starlit sky. Lots of new people came tonight having read about it in the press this week or heard about it on the radio and decided to come down on an evening when it was unlikely to rain.

The weather was beautiful with a clear deep black sky pinpointed by stars twinkling in the heavens. You could almost imagine the angel throng winging it's way down from heaven across the breaking waves announcing the good news of Jesus' birth on that first Christmas morning.

Down below the angel host was a tiny little stable scene with Mary, Joseph and Jesus, dwarfed by the majesty of the legions of heaven. Our little hut felt like a haven of peace watched over by angels in the midst of a stormy world.

The next hut is quite close to tonight's location at number 382.