Saturday, 8 December 2018

8th December - Hut 39

Tonight we followed the stars to the East as we headed for hut 39 beside Hove Lawns.

What we found there were some of the largest stars so far in a variety of styles and decoration.

The weather was slightly kinder to us than the last few nights as we had no rain but the wind was pretty strong causing the stars to swing and twirl in a beautifully graceful way.

Added to this was a backdrop of silver streamers which rustled and rippled, adding an animated and acoustically interesting background to the whole scene.

Abigail put this hut together and is a first time participant and we had good crowds of friends and family, strangers and those familiar with the whole event.

Tomorrow we follow the star far along to the west as we're at hut 402 by Hove Lagoon.