Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Beach Hut 9

There was real peace at the beach hut tonight as people came to see the ninth of our openings. The hut shone out as a beacon of light in quite a dark part of the beach as the light from the candles and lanterns was reflected in the metal foil ceiling and the many different types of glass that were decorating the hut.

We had our first complete nativity in this hut with an angel looking down on the shepherds, wise men and stable animals all gathering around to see Jesus.

We had more new visitors tonight as some who had been to an opening before wanted to share the experience with their friends. One group of friends brought some sparklers and the light from these added to the beautiful glow from the hut.

Right at the end we had a special visitor as a little mouse appeared from under the next door hut and busied himself clearing up the mince pie crumbs. We couldn't tell if he was a church mouse but he was very determined to take part and stayed around even when people got quite close to him.

Next hut - number 381 (not 181 as it says on the printed flyers)

Beach Hut 8

Day 8 of the Calendar was probably the warmest night we've had so far and hut 27 created a lovely cosy atmosphere to complement that with the hut festooned with candles and an antique candelabra as the centrepiece of the display.

The publicity over the weekend drew new people along tonight as most attendees did not seem to have been to one of the openings before. We were also supported by the local community police who have been popping along to most of the openings to check that we're OK and to see what we're doing.

Next hut is 227 - see you there!