Saturday, 17 December 2016

17th December - Hut 437

The hut this evening was a true performance thanks to Korina, Emily and Alan.  They put on a carefully rehearsed show with contemporary dance, music and poetry, even the dog took part.

The hut was very simply decorated with a night sky backdrop filled with stars and a few simple Christmas lights.  

The most striking part of the installation was the floor of the hut which was knee deep in feathers.  This gave a beautiful effect as the dancers moved around the hut, sweeping feathers with them and occasionally picking them up and allowing them to cascade through their fingers.  

Alan accompanied the dancers on his harp and sometimes sang, sometimes played and sometimes recited celtic themed poetry.

The whole evening was so beautiful that it's hard to describe in words.

There was a sense of calm and peace over all the proceedings and people sat on the floor, rapt with the wonder of it all.

The next hut is number 296.