Sunday, 23 December 2012

Beach Hut 23

Tonight was busy at hut 381 and not just because there were lots of visitors to the Beach Hut Advent Calendar - but the hut itself was crowded with people.

Flo and Jon Pepper had created a host of adoring worshippers who were all gazing at the light of the world which was buried at the back of the hut.

Dressed in everyday clothing, this congregation reminded us that the people who witnessed The First Nowell were ordinary folk going about their daily lives, not exotically dressed figures from a magical land.

Our final hut of the 2012 Beach Hut Advent Calendar will feature a countdown to Christmas with a real donkey, the draw for the Bill's Christmas hamper and gifts for all in preparation for the celebration of God's gift to us on Christmas day - see you at hut 79a.