Thursday, 8 December 2011

Beach Hut 8

While the folks in Scotland were being told to stay indoors because of the strong winds, us hardy southerners set out for the beach for the latest hut in our journey to Christmas. The wind blew and for a short time the rain came down but that didn't deter the brave souls who came out tonight wrapped up against the harsh weather or swaddling themselves in blankets a beautiful shade of Maryan blue.

Our destination tonight was Bethlehem and Felicity and her gang at the White House produced a beautiful village scene with little houses made out of modelling clay (which was just as well as anything lighter would have blown away!).

Inside each house was a little light flickering in welcome. All the houses sat on a bed of sand which was lit a golden yellow by the street light just in front of hut 403, making the scene look almost sunny.

We were fortunate to have the use tonight of hut 402 as well because this was needed for shelter on occasion. This will feature again on Saturday night when we're hoping we won't have to use 403 as shelter in the same way!

Our next hut is very close to this one so is still up by Hove Lagoon as it is number 395.