Wednesday, 7 December 2016

7th December - Hut 177

Tonight we were launched into outer space thanks to hut 177 and the artwork of Kira and Katie.

They had done their homework and discovered that the Bible describes angels as messengers, facilitating communication from heaven to earth.  

Fast forward to today and we find that we can communicate in ways that our ancestors would have regarded as miraculous and only possible for angelic beings.  

For example we can talk to someone hundreds of miles away whenever we want to or we can watch imagery from the other side of the world, far beyond the range of human sight.  

All of this is facilitated by the wonders of digital technology - a new form of angel - helping us to communicate by passing messages through the heavens as satellites whizz above our heads bouncing our words and images backwards and forwards at lightning speed.

The hut tonight showed us a representation of this with mini satellites floating amongst spinning rocks with streams of data connecting earth to heaven.  All of this was watched over by a space angel who stood guard like some sort of digital watchman.

Angels delivered the words of God and perhaps this is a reminder to us to look for the divine messages of hope and light that are integral to this season of Advent.

The next hut takes us up to Hove Lagoon and is number 403.