Thursday, 3 December 2015

Beach Hut 404

In the blustery windy weather we found our way to Hut 404 focussing on In the Bleak Midwinter.  Hut owner Tanya Somerset had imagined the cold winter personified in the figure of an ice queen, poised in the middle of a frosty scene.

Tanya is a bespoke couture costume designer who brought all her skills to bear in creating a fantastically magical hut.

To go with the wintry theme we could also listen to music from the Narnia soundtrack which related to the snow queen imagery.

There was also an altruistic motive to the hut tonight as Tanya Somerset of Bolli Darling is raising money for Heart Research UK and in particular their Aortic dissection division as she lost her husband to this 3 years ago.

Despite the high winds on the beach there was a steady stream of visitors and the table with mince pies and mulled wine was kept busy most of the evening.

 The design featured lots of white feathers which made up parts of the queens costume and included some birds wearing their own feathered costumes.

This hut was beside Hove Lagoon and we head to almost the other end of the one and a half mile stretch of huts all along Hove seafront.

The next destination on our Advent pilgrimage is hut 44 and the work of Beyond artist Kirsty Tyler.