Friday, 8 December 2017

8th December - Hut 305

One of the nice things about Christmas is the revisiting of the story of Jesus birth.  It's a story that never tires and has been told and retold for thousands of years.

This recycling of the story of Jesus is an important part of the tradition of Christmas.  The artwork in the hut and arrayed across the seafront was made almost entirely of recycled materials.  

The main element was hundreds of bottle bricks - these are unrecyclable plastic bottles which are packed full of similar material which can't be recycled.  These can be used as building materials and have the added advantage that they stop a lot of plastic going to landfill.

The bottles filled the hut and were arranged in a labyrinth shape on the seafront.  This became the stage for some liturgical dance performed by some children as a choir sang.  

Everyone was invited to walk the spiral as a form of prayer and to think about their own relationship with the environment.  

In God's view no-one is rubbish or thrown away and we all have value in God's eyes.  Jesus coming to earth is the proof of that as he comes to show God's love to us all.

The next hut is close to tonight's as it is number 329.