Friday, 11 December 2015

Beach Hut 332

Hut 332 has a traditional role in the Beach Hut Advent Calendar.  This is the hut that Cathy Watts owns and decorates and hut that the Dawn Chorus always sings at.  This year there was a choir of approximately 40 who all sang their hearts out for half an hour.

We were blessed with the first relatively calm, still night of the 2015 calendar as so far every night has been very windy and blustery.  The peace and the low tide helped to carry the voices of the choir as they rang out across the seafront for all to hear.

The carol they had chosen as their focus was Star of Wonder and so the hut was full of stars of various types.

Star of Wonder was written by Terre Roche following a deep sleep in which she thought she heard the notes of a tune which became this carol.  She had been searching for a way to write a song to honour a close friend who had died in the Lockerbie plane disaster, and this was it.

The Dawn Chorus is a morning community choir which meets in Prestonville and Shoreham.  You can find more about them here.

If you want to hear more of their singing, they are taking part in the Carol Service at St. Luke's Prestonville, this Sunday at 6.30pm.  You can find the church here.

The next hut is back down at Hove Lagoon and is number 410